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■Second reduction rate:1:2.6 
■Over all weight:1500g 
■High mount motor 
■4 Gear rear transmission 
■New designed, Sealed gear box 
■4 wheel independent double wishbone suspension 
■SLF aluminum big bore oil dumber 
■Carbon graphite main chassis 
■Aluminum front shock tower 
■Carbon graphite rear shock tower 
■Adjustable aluminum motor mount system 
■RWD high angle steering system 
■49mm bone rear universal shaft 
■Narrow scrub steering block 
■Wide/Narrow rear diffuser 

YD-2 has achieved two consecutive win at D1 10 Open world championship in Netherland and shown the excellence of driving at any type of surface at several competition, and the usage among RWD drift chassis are going to the World champion as well. However, Yokomo has not stop the engineering effort for the ultimate type for more aggressive drifting under the condition of super slippery surface with low grip supplied tires. Initial ‘S’ at YD-2S stands for specialized for Slippery spec. 

Yokomo has developed a new hybrid chassis (Carbon graphite + Plastic side guard) and low profile gearbox to suits for the high mount motor layout on the chassis. Besides, the motor can be installed 7 different positions for just enough height to keep the best balance of car. Moreover, YD-2S Plus is dedicated to shorty LiPo battery and possible to put LiPo in vertical position, and 3 different horizontal position, YD-2S Plus is the genuine car kit dedicated for aggressive drift challenge at super low grip environment. Complacent in meaningless modification days on RWD is over now. 

NOTE: The kit does not include body, wheels, tires, motor, batteries, and other R/C electronics.