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Scion Weld FR-S Clear Body OD1987

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OD HIGH DETAIL BODY series first! The long-awaited Weld FR-S clear body appeared! ! 
A clear body that reproduce the demonstration car of Scion FR-S produced by Weld appeared!

OD HIGH DETAIL BODY series digitally analyzes the actual vehicle thoroughly using 3D scanners, creating prototypes with 3D printers based on the data, and brushes up to the limit. And by cutting the mold with machining processing, even the sharp detail of the detail is expressed. Furthermore, it succeeded to reproduce the undercut of the rear part of the front fender by the latest technology.

 In addition, a Swan neck type GT wing set Type-7 essential to Weld FR-S is attached. 
Wheel base: 258 mm / front: 196 mm / rear: 200 mm 
[Set contents] Clear body body / front bumper / rear bumper / front and rear splitter / front light bucket / decal sheet / mask seat / GT wing set Type-7 
* Door mirror is not included . 
Toyota Motor Corporation approved.