YOKOMO Lipo 3500mAh/7.4V 100C Battery (YB-V235B)

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YOKOMO Lipo 3500mAh/7.4V 100C Battery (YB-V235B) 

Case size:95.2mmx46.3mmx19.0mm 

New affordable Li-po battery which is 3500 mAh / 7.4 V with Shorty size and hard case. This is very easy select on any type of car from on-road to off-road, and drift as well. It has enough capacity of 3500mAh to enjoy sports driving and excellent cost for performance! Powerful output characteristics realize driving more powerful than you could imagined. Also, this is very light weight, especially in drift categories, this will be a great advantage for more performance on the machine. It will provide weight balance for each individual setup for each chassis. 

Connectors and plugs are both Φ4.0mm